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Eyebrow Shaping ( Threading/ Waxing)

Hey gorgeous! Looking for absolutely perfect eyebrows? Having gorgeously groomed brows can transform the face, play up the eyes, and reveal a more confident person.

While eyebrow shaping let the person achieve that flawless brow, it’s best to leave it to the eyebrow experts. Looking for an eyebrow waxing expert to trust to give those perfect eyebrows, then the salon is the best choice.

Expert eyebrow shaping can make a huge difference to the look of eyes and face. The salon provides eyebrow shaping by highly qualified and experienced beauty therapists.

From thick eyebrows that make a bold statement to shapely eyebrows, our therapists can provide an outstanding eyebrow wax and provide advice on eyebrow waxing and shaping to suit the look client wants.

Eyebrows are an integral part of facial features, they are one of the first things people notice as they define and frame the face. Unfortunately, the wrong eyebrow shape can take too much away from natural beauty.

Not only can the perfect eyebrow shape define features, but the right shape can also take years off the face! Enhance the beauty, not detract from it.

The skilled senior and principal therapists can provide with an outstanding eyebrow waxing service in. Utilising the signature waxes and eyebrow threading expertise, the professionals at the salon will provide the look customer needs.