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Full Head Colour

The salon offers a variety of colours for hair colouring. Using the highest quality professional products when colouring the hair, and the styling techniques are sure to reflect the facial structure and help capture the essence of personality.

The salon prioritizes customer satisfaction and happiness above all, and strive to make things as relaxing as possible. Salon treatments can produce more nuanced colour with less damage to hair, stylists say.

Salon colour formulas are more moisturizing, and the colour can be customized in the salon. Professional products also have more advanced technology that produces subtle variations in colour or stops colour from getting too dark.

Dying full hair with a permanent treatment can lead to a flat, uniform colour. Healthier the hair, better the colour will look.

The less one has coloured it, the easier it is for the stylist to make a new colour look great. Natural or tinted, solid or multicoloured, jet black or suicide blond, the colour of the hair can make a hairstyle POP or disappear into the background.

That is why the art and science of hair colouring, is so crucial to the success of the hairstyle. For example, a geometric bob loses the definition of its lines, if it’s shattered by a head full of streaks.

Conversely, a blend of light and dark piece can really give depth to a textured hairstyle.

The Full Head Colour process can lighten, darken and alter the hair pigment whilst embedding the new colour deeper into an opened hair shaft. The hair colour is brilliant for clients requiring full grey coverage and those looking to alter the tone of their hair.

The sad truth is, by the time a person reaches 21; the natural hair becomes dull and lacklustre.

Reds no longer have that coppery brilliance, Rich browns lose their warm highlights, and those baby pale blonds have become dark and ashy.

The professionals at the salon have a strong respect for all things pure and natural. So by using the latest in hair colour performance and technology, the experts can go ahead and put back what nature has left behind without any fears for the health and condition of hair.

All hair colour prices vary depending on the length of hair, which is separated into three categories: short, medium or long.