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Gel Fullset with shellac on top

Gel nails give a person long, shapely nails that look especially striking when they’re painted. Shellac nail polish claims to stand up against chipping and everyday wear and tear, which means that unlike many other brands of nail polish, the paint job can last as long as the gel nails.

Gel nail with shellac over the top is a treatment that is applied to nails that already have a UV gel polish applied to them. The treatment involves filing and buffing the existing gel down in preparation for another application of Shellac polish in a different colour or the same.

Having the area of new nail growth by the cuticle area getting it done with gel. If you are wearing pink & whites, then it will need a rebalance done every 4-5 weeks. The reason for this is that the white on your free edge move as your nails grow out. And after about 4-5 weeks, it starts getting really noticeable.

Also, as your nail grows out, the apex – or stress point – in your nails also grows out as well. If you look at your nails from the side, you should notice a high area right around where the white begins. It looks like this: The area around the cuticle is a low point, and as look along the nail toward the free edge, you should notice it begin to ‘arch’ and come to a peak where the pink and white meet then it smoothly slopes down again toward the free edge.