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Manicure & Pedicure with colour

Manicure is advertising; a pedicure is a pleasant surprise! Clean and well-maintained hands and feet are for sure a dream job of most of us. Good looking hands and feet surely make a great impression of a well-groomed appearance.

Today manicures and pedicures keep great importance is a cosmetic world because they enhance the appearance of hands and feet in a stunning way. However, it is not just about beauty or appearance, it is also about the health; and the mani-pedi treatments surely help in promoting greater health of your fingers, fingernails, toes and toenails.

The basic nail care treatment, soothing and softening of hands and feet by removing dead skin cells and moisturizing hands and feet with brief massaging on hands and legs are included in manicure and pedicure.

A regular manicure begins with the soaking of your hands in warm soapy water, which aids in soothing and softening the dead skin cells. Your fingernails are then cleaned, clipped, and filed properly. Before applying the moisturizing lotion in your hands, the experts massages your hands gently and finally, the regular manicure ends up with the application of nail polish with a base coat, main coat and a top or the final coat.

A regular pedicure begins with soaking of your feet in a warm water tub and then the professionals scrubs your feet so as to clear off any dead skin. Then, your toenails are clipped and filed properly. You also get a brief massage on your feet and legs before you are applied with a soothing lotion. Toenails are finally polished with nail polish.

The hands are exposed to the outside dust and dirt all throughout the day. They accumulate grime quite easily and also constantly create new skin cells sloughing off the old ones. Considering the feet; walking all day can create callouses and can also cause various other odd skin conditions in the feet.

A professional manicure and pedicure help in exfoliating your skin in hands and feet, helps in bringing a softer and clearer appearance to the hands and feet. Pedicure helps in removing callouses and manicure aids in removing the grime and the dead skin cells.

Thus the mani-pedi treatment helps greatly in gifting attractive and grooming hands and feet respectively.