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Party/Cluster Lashes

Cluster lash extensions are sold in a series of clustered v-shapes, which are bound together in small groups. Cluster eyelashes are premade fans with multiple eyelashes on them. The cluster eyelash extensions are applied to multiple eyelashes at once and the bases are usually bulky from the adhesive that holds them together.

Experience a wide-eyed, youthful look with our cluster lash extensions. Cluster lashes are made up of 3-4 strands fanning out from a “bulb” which is glued on to your natural lash.

Clusters come in different lengths and are not only quicker but also easier to apply than individual lash extensions.

At the salon, the experts have hand-select in premium light-weight silks, luxurious mink and faux mink eyelash extensions that will have you drenched in pure lash ecstasy! The lashes we apply are laser cut for optimum bonding, giving you the guaranteed best in eyelash extension retention and performance.

Pamper yourself with life’s greatest accessory! Enjoy our relaxing music, comfortable slippers and heated massage tables for your added comfort and relaxation!