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Acrylic Fullset with normal polish

This is our basic fullest service. We will put tips on and cut it to the length you like. Then the experts will apply a thin coat of acrylic to your natural nails. Your new nails will be buffed too high shine or topped with a coat of polish of your choice. Your cuticles will be tended to and your hands will be moisturized.

Acrylics are the oldest form of nail extension in the modern beauty industry and have long since been a staple due to their staying power. The acrylic itself is a mixture of liquid monomer and a powder polymer, which when combined form a hard protective layer that is sculpted over the natural nail.

Acrylic nail extensions will only become hard when exposed to air, and when this happens and the process is complete the nails become a strong and glossy base that is fantastic for colour application.

The procedure is a multi-step process that usually involves preparing the natural nail by cleaning, shaping, buffing and cuticle work, before then applying artificial tips to add length (if required) and the acrylic on top.