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Shellac Manicure

The days are gone where you have to deal with frustrating nail problems such as chipping, cracking, flimsy and weak nails. The Shellac Manicure guarantees that you will leave feeling amazing about how you look. All great manicures require several steps. The skilled aestheticians are proud to take clients each step during our signature manicure process. Each step is guaranteed to give our clients the perfect manicure they are looking for and deserve. Those who choose this service will be given all the procedures in a Manicure, including:

  • Soothing soak treatment
  • Exfoliation
  • Buffing
  • Treatment

After our clients are complete with the pre-polish experience, our skilled aestheticians apply the Shellac.

Shellac is so thin and strong that it is applied similarly to nail polish. However, Shellac is cured in a way that gives it extreme durability and flexibility. It also has the added bonus of having an incredible shine that was associated only with gel nails.

Unlike traditional polishes that take ages to dry, Shellac is cured by UV lights. It takes mere minutes. By the time the manicure is complete, the nails are absolutely dry. The nails are strong enough to not be damaged by accidental hits. The Shellac acts as a plasticized coating, making it a long-lasting polish choice.

Nails live in the wide open world and maintain a constant risk of breaking, cracking, and chipping. We use our hands for everything daily. We open our front door or pick up a multitude of items a day. This gives us prime opportunities for unwanted nail damage. Traditional polishes are very fragile. Shellac Manicures help protect your gorgeous nails from the daily grind of life.

Shellac Manicures are a guaranteed way to keep your nails intact and marvellous. Clients who choose this polish will receive the most luxurious way to get long-lasting nails. You deserve the best choice. Take time to focus on yourself and call or get online to schedule an appointment today.