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Gentlemen Waxing


Of all our men’s manscaping and men’s waxing services, chest waxing for men is one of the most requested. The salon uses soft wax is made from tree resin and other synthetic materials. The clients have had less irritation from this type of wax. We do not use muslin strips for our soft wax, we use a higher quality synthetic fibre fabric that is stronger to allow for cleaner less painful pulls and less irritation. Chest waxing is done with soft wax. We begin where hair is least dense to densest depending on your pain tolerance. We do trim the chest hair when necessary to prevent matting like a wet poodle. read more


While it's understandable that most men are hairy, it's always fun to appease your lady once in a while. A man with smooth skin will always impress his partner, and that's why the salon is here to help. Experts at the salon are skilled at making men feel welcome and at ease when getting a back or chest wax. Impress your woman by getting your back or chest waxed into smoothness! You will not only feel fresh, but you will also look at it too! At the salon, the therapists use hypoallergenic hot and strip wax to ensure long-lasting and effective results. If you have any specific requirements discuss these with our therapist. read more


Shoulder waxing is usually a service that goes hand in hand. Shoulder waxing is still the most popular waxing sessions for men. Not having to deal with that unwanted hair for a month is addicting! It’s a fast and simple process which over time will lead to lighter and thinner hair growth. We always apply the wax in the direction of the hair growth so it won’t get broken off in the process. Come to the salon for professional waxing services! This will ensure the hair is being pulled in the right direction. It also ensures the hair will be blended in properly so you aren’t left with a weird waxed hairline. All of our Aestheticians are highly trained and licensed. read more


As men get older, the hairs atop their head thin out while patches of fuzz-pop up in less desirable locations, such as the shoulders and back. If it’s any consolation, scientists say that back hair is a sign of high testosterone. The biggest advantage of waxing back and shoulder that the hair takes considerably longer to grow back. We ensure that the highest standard of professionalism is provided to every one of our clients. Best hygiene practices are one of our main values and our wax treatments and waxing methods enabling us to not only perform the finest male waxing, but also the safest. Book an appointment now! read more