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Hair Colour

Full Head Highlights

Highlights are strands of lighter colours in your hair or the strands of darker colours in your hair. These can be done in several different ways but the main method is used by the specialists to separate the hair. The highlights allow the colourist to watch the colour as it lifts in your hair. A cap also allows applying colour through the entire length of hair, using the same strength developer, at one application. Depending on your cut and hair colour, our stylists will help you choose the perfect way to add highlights to your look! You can feel confident that the results will leave you loving the results. read more

Root tint

The roots of your hair are of different shade then rest of your hair, colour your root hair is not as same as the colour a part of your hair because they won’t match. We offer you a great deal in hair root colouring at our salon from experts. Colouring at the salon is reasonable and affordable, we use the best colouring products to colour your hair and make you feel simple but the stylist. Normally clients asked our professionals many times to colour roots when we are applying colour to their hair. Most of the time dark roots give cool look, but light grey roots look faded. We love when our clients enjoy when experts change their look. read more

Full Head Colour

It’s easy to feel a little overwhelmed when it comes to hair colour, especially when telling your hairstylist what you really want. Whether you wish to be a rich shade of chocolate brown, an edgy platinum blonde, or a fiery redhead, we can give you personalized hair colour at the salon. Creating a brightening effect throughout your hair. Foils are applied to your hair with a lighter and/or darker colour using a weave or slice technique to create a dimensional effect. Experts also add a beautiful shine to your hair, closing down the cuticle and giving the hair a healthy look. The salon's services are always designed for your hair colour treatment. read more


Toning service neutralizes brassy yellow and orange tones on bleached hair. It is usually purple-blue tinted. When applied to bleach hair, it takes it to more of an ashy, dusty, or platinum colour. That means a much more natural-looking hair tone! It can also make hair look shinier and healthier. Toner is specifically meant to tone hair, but also other products can be used to tone your hair, such as hair dye or purple shampoo on your request. Any time you mess with bleach or ammonia, it's a great idea to show your hair some love too. The professional at the salon will treat your hair the way you want. read more