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Ladies Cut & Finish (Long)

We understand the importance of your hairstyle. We will consult with you about your hair on each appointment and our amazing team of stylists have been trained to produce an exceptional cleanse, cut and finish. We love getting to know you and your hair. Hair is women’s crowning glory. The right hair cut for women underlines their natural beauty and style, ties together their overall appearance and even allows a glimpse into their personality. There is no bigger boost to your confidence than a healthy, beautiful head of hair. After all, nothing quite beats that feeling a fresh cut, finish gives you. We are here to give you a perfect makeover at affordable prices. read more

Ladies Cut & Finish (Short)

At the salon, experts can advise on all different lengths and styles. If the customer is looking for a short cropped style, a one layered bob or long locks with volume our cutting expert team will be able to offer a style to suit lifestyle and face shape. From long layered trims to recreating the icon Bob, the professional stylists will provide in-depth consultations through the facial structure to the daily lifestyle. Feel like new! With heat-protecting products to make the hair feel soft and lush, great lotions to give a big bouncy look and grabbing those minutes to just sit and chill out. The salon’s blow dry can make feel like new. read more


Hair stylists at the salon are visual people. They work better knowing exactly what you want. Your stylist’s goal is to give you the hair you have been dreaming of. They’re here to set you up for success, but they can’t do that without the right tools. Only you know what you want for your hair and your new look. Gorgeous looks that sweep your tresses up and off your neck are a game-changer. Polished chignons, boho braids, romantic ponytails – play with your style and you’ll find there’s a range of bombshell updo looks to choose from. Set up your consultation today, and come meet with a stylist to ensure you both leave the appointment happy! read more

Blow Dry (Long)

A blow dry can transform your look, taking you to fro, tousled to terrific in minutes. Fast, friendly and professional, our team will blow dry your hair like you always wanted. Perfectly cleansed and conditioned hair, natural bristle brushes and experts who combine the art and the science of hair resulting in a long-lasting style. our expert stylists take the time to find out your styling habits and make suggestions for easier styling by a blow dry. Nothing can beat the purely exhilarated feeling of stepping out of the salon with perfectly soft, shining, and bouncy hair after a blow dry. This blow dry creates beautiful body and curls. read more

Gents Cut

The process of cutting allows the stylist, to see the shape of hair as he cuts it, allowing a much more definite look. The cutting benefits all types of hair. It is great for thick haired men who want to remove bulk from their hair. Also curly or wavy hair will benefit from cutting because the stylist is able to determine the natural way your hair falls when it is dry. Many men waltz into the barber shop, plop down into a seat and get their hair cut. No shampoo, no conditioning treatment, no head massage. This cutting also causes less damage. Men cutting also lets you see what your hair’s going to look like in the end. read more

Hair Up

Hair up is a women's hairstyle that involves "sweeping the hair" or arranging the hair into an "upstyle", usually for a special or formal occasion. There are many different styles for updos including some sleek, romantic, or "imperfectly messy" look updos. These formal wearing hair styles also include half-ups. The half- updo means just that! Instead of all the hair pulled up, generally, just the top half is pulled away from the face and pinned back, while the rest of the hair is worn down. When making an entrance for a special occasion, a red-carpet worthy hairstyle makes the event all the more special. read more